Professional Writing and Editing Services

Silver Scroll Services provides quality writing and editing services. Clear, precise communication is more important now than ever before, yet the quality of that communication is steadily dwindling, and the rules are ever-changing. Silver Scroll Services takes the guesswork out of the English language. What you have to say is important. Let me help you say it well.

Professional Editing Services

I specialize in technical and literary editing. My passion, however, is literary editing — breathing life into a new creation and bringing characters to life. As past Managing Editor of Other Voices Journal of the Literary and Visual Arts, I was able to practice all levels of editing for fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, from substantive and structural editing to proofreading. I critiqued and edited literary submissions (fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry), accepted/rejected submissions, ordered layout, and provided manuscript evaluations.

However, I have an equal compulsion to make things right, so I thrive on technical editing: I live to find and correct all errors in any technical document. And I’ve learned to do it quickly because every minute is valuable.

I am a professional editor and writer (with a bachelor’s in professional writing and editing) with advanced knowledge of Chicago, EIA, APA, MLA, CP, among others, and internal style guides, and I can work with Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Pro, PerfectIt Pro, and SharePoint.

As a current Editors Canada member, I have years of experience in literature, academia, public service, technical (science, engineering, oil and gas), legal, and nonprofit platforms.

My services include structural, substantive, and copy editing; proofreading; and reference- and fact-checking services. Literary documents can include, but are not limited to, fiction (whether fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, YA, horror, children’s books), creative nonfiction (self-help, memoir, autobiographical, and more), digital manuscripts, short stories, and poems (and poetry manuscripts). Technical documents can include, but are not limited to, proposals, reports, manuals, web content, resumes, theses, dossiers, standard operating procedures, educational materials, presentations, speeches, and briefing notes. My editing services have proven to be of high quality with quick turn-around times.

Professional Writing and Ghostwriting Services

As a current Professional Writers Association of Canada and Writers Guild of Alberta member, my professional writing services include writing reports, proposals, blogs, web content, presentations, speeches, briefings, newsletter and magazine articles, brochures,  advertising copy, books, short stories, poems, and more.

My education and experience have taught me how to determine story and character development and create the right flow in each document and in each set of documents as a whole (this is true for both literary and corporate writing).

Ghostwriting is one of my passions, so I offer it as a subset of professional writing services. As a ghostwriter, I strive to write as you, the author, would. I ensure that readers will never know that it was not you who wrote that story. Your words, your style, your voice. Contact me for more details.

Why Choose Silver Scroll Professional Writing and Editing Services?

Having provided professional editing services and professional writing services for government, engineering/sciences, a literary journal, magazines, and numerous authors, I’ve learned a variety of styles and voices that help me determine what tone to use when. As a result, I can switch back and forth easily between writing and editing for professional or technical audiences and writing and editing for literary audiences. And I readily admit that poetry is a passion!

Having written articles and blogs for various clients as well writing my own blog, I am pleased to offer blogging services. I can help you increase traffic to your site and ensure your content is both relevant and exciting.

I have numerous wonderful references, all of whom will testify not only to the quality of my work but also to their enjoyment of our partnership. Check out the Silver Scroll Services Testimonials page for some of the things my previous clients have to say.

Words are my work and words are me. And I want to make words work for others, whether that means fixing what’s already there or beginning with a blank page. Whether rearranging, changing, adding, deleting, it’s all sculpting a story. Each one is unique, and this wordsmith lives for each new creation.

Check out my sample pages, see what previous clients have to say, shoot me an email, or complete the contact form on the contact page for a quote or more information.

*current, qualified EditFast editor


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