While it would be ideal to lay out a single rate guide,  in the writing/editing world, professional writing and editing rates vary according to project, content, document size, and many other factors.  Editing rates are charged per hour, as that is the most accurate representation of the labour required, and they are in line with Editors Canada guidelines.

Depending on content, genre, font, font size, and the service(s) required, it takes approximately 1 hour to edit 4 pages of a 1.15 spaced, Calibri, font size 11, slightly technical or academic document with no citations. For a fiction or creative nonfiction (or memoir) manuscript, it can take approximately 1 hour to edit 8 pages using the same font, size, and spacing. Reference lists take approximately 1 hour to edit 1 page.


Writing has more qualifications to determine a rate. Qualifications include content, purpose, research, creativity, branding, formatting, audience, etc. Projects can be charged by the page or the project, depending on the creativity and complexity.

General Rates

Rates begin at as little as $35/hour CAD and increase from there, depending on the project and the qualifications listed above. For a personalized quote, please fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page or send an email to b.beatty@silverscrollservices.com.

Payment follows a schedule (for most documents other than novel development) of half the amount due at project initiation and the second half due upon client receipt of the finished document.

Silver Scroll Services believes that quality writing and editing should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, rates are negotiable in certain circumstances.

Silver Scroll Services is here to make document development as easy as possible for you. That includes pricing and payment, so payment can be made via Interac e-transfer, direct deposit, credit card, PayPal, TransferWise, or money order.




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