If you don’t find the answers to your questions here, please fill out the contact form on the Contact page or send an email to b.beatty@silverscrollservices.com.

  1. How long have you been editing/writing? I have been a professional editor and writer for over a decade.
  2. Do you have examples/samples? Please check out the examples page. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please fill out the contact form on the Contact page or send an email to b.beatty@silverscrollservices.com.
  3. Can I split your fee into multiple payments? Absolutely. My standard payment process is to split my total fee into two parts: 50% to begin and the remainder upon project completion. In some instances, it is also possible to split my fee into more than two payments.
  4. How does the editing process work? The editing process is always digital. And while each level of editing (developmental, substantial, structural, stylistic, copy editing, or proofreading) is different, the process always begins with the sample you send and your request(s). I will go through your document and determine what level(s) of editing I believe the document needs, keeping your request(s) in mind. Then I will send you a quote and a description of what I believe your document needs to be perfectly polished. You are then free to decide what you would like to do. Once the work begins, I begin by doing one level of editing, unless otherwise agreed upon, on the document you send me. I will use track changes so you can see what I’ve changed, and I will leave comments or questions in the document as I go for you to address once I send the edited document back to you. Once you received the edited document, you will go through it and make any changes you feel necessary and address any comments and/or questions. Then you either send it back to me to clean up and/or to continue on with the next level of edits and so on until the process is complete, or you can choose to complete the process by cleaning up the document yourself (accepting track changes.)
  5. How does the writing process work? Each project is unique, but I will ask you to send me as many details as possible, and if research is required, I will ask that you send me any research you already have and/or where you would like me to look. I will also ask you for information such as word count, target audience, and reading level. For smaller projects, I will give you a projected timeline, and for larger projects, I will add to that periodic check ins. Once the document is complete, I will send it to you for review and will do two rounds of revision if necessary to ensure you receive a result you’re happy with.
  6. How does the ghostwriting process work? This is much the same as the writing process, but some additional conversation is needed to understand as much as possible about the project and goal and about yourself. This conversation can generally take place via email or SMS, but we can also meet in person if we find it to be necessary (digital works in most cases) and you are in my area. I’ll also ask for any material you already have and for anywhere you’d like me to go to gather more research. If you have some writing complete already, I’ll ask you to send that so I can get a feel for your voice. Before the writing begins, I’ll put together a short summary so you have a good idea of what the project will contain and what it will look like. I’ll also send you a timeline. As the writing proceeds, I will send you periodic updates and sections to review.
  7. What information do you need to provide me with a tailored quote? To send you a detailed quote, I ask that you send a three- to five-page sample of your document, preferably from the middle. Also helpful is for you to let me know your total word count, the type of document, the service(s) you are interested in, and any other information/requirements you think are necessary.
  8. Are your rates negotiable? Yes. please fill out the contact form on the Contact page or send an email to b.beatty@silverscrollservices.com for more information.
  9. Can you edit/write something not on your list of examples? In most cases, yes. Please fill out the contact form or send an email to b.beatty@silverscrollservices.com for more information.
  10. How do you know how long it takes to edit something? While every document is different, which is why a sample is necessary for a quote, ten years of editing in different fields and genres has proved to provide an average time required to perform different levels of editing on various documents. Editing a technical or academic document requires far different and more numerous tasks than does a literary document. Editors around the world have also come to similar conclusions.

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