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*Due to client confidentiality, only excerpts from projects appear on this page, and certain details (names, locations, costs, etc.) have been edited out or altered to preserve that confidentiality. Please fill out the contact form for literary examples as clients do not wish to have their creation viewed publicly.


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Life Up Here Blog Example

What is the most daunting summer challenge when you’re a parent? Kids that can’t sleep at night because it’s too hot so they’re terrifyingly cranky all week? Keeping little ones busy all day? Finding childcare while you work? Nope. Not killing each other on your family road trip? Trying not to put yourself into deeper debt with your summer vacation or their summer camp? Keeping the kids away from the video games and TV? Nope.

Well what then? What could possibly be left? Any parent of a teenager knows just how impossible it is to even talk with their teenager (rather than to them!) let alone enjoy an activity together. Those wonderful, carefree summer days of splash parks and playgrounds and bike rides are over. What on earth does a teenager enjoy, let alone three of them? And what could possibly last more than an hour or two without complete communication shutdown or typical teenage withdrawal?


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Customized Wedding Ceremony

Customized Wedding Ceremony

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Book review

Proposal for Alberta Environment and Parks on behalf of Matrix Solutions Inc.partial AEP proposal_Page_1partial AEP proposal_Page_2

Alberta Infrastructure Annual Report 2011-2011, Message from the Minister

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Professional Editing Examples

Books, books, books! I love books! Here’s a few of my favourites from a variety of genres, from literary fiction and poetry to children’s and YA to self-help and leadership (including short stories):

  1. On Swift Wings – Brett M. Wiens
  2. The Nomadic Mindset – Kevin Cottam
  3. The Kingdom of Cardinia – Shari Ingenika
  4. Teasing Out Time and other stories – Peter Freeman
  5. Korain: The Manian’s Spear – Gino Garafalo
  6. Pockets, Santa Junior, and The Magical Mysterious Mansion – Lydia Glowacki
  7. Room 5608 – Haley MacLeod
  8. Desi’s Colours – Tara Severin
  9. That’s a Novel Idea – Alana Burton
  10. The Darkest Shade – Kanu Mbombo
  11. Safe Space – Francesco Lombardo
  12. Got Enough?! – Michael Rullo
  13. Hockey Wars – Ben Jackson
  14. 11. 7 Biblical Life-changing Lessons – Barrington Rowe
  15. Hover & Soar – Stan Taylor

Example – Technical Report edits with track changesPartial 2569-502 2016-04-01 draft_Page_1Partial 2569-502 2016-04-01 draft_Page_2Partial 2569-502 2016-04-01 draft_Page_3Partial 2569-502 2016-04-01 draft_Page_4Partial 2569-502 2016-04-01 draft_Page_5Example –  Master’s Theses and Dissertations (Public Administration, Hydrogeology, Biology, Theology)

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Example – Book of Poetry

Book of Poetry

Example –  Manuscripts


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